Indian astrology debunked

Astrologers must learn from history

The basic concept of astrology is that it changes from time to time. This means that what was believed hundreds of years ago by scholars and pundits may not necessarily be true today. Astrology is the only science that is not based on the application of experience or mind. Astrologers simply blindly pull out an age-old book and believe what is written in that.

Astrology and Horoscopes Uncloaked

Unfortunately, that is far from the truth. Millions of mangliks have married non mangliks and their marriage is far from getting ruined, let alone the husband nearing death. Related Content. Baul Gaan — from the entertaining passengers.

Baul Gaan — from the entertaining passengers Baul Gaan - from the entertaining passengers Baul Gaan - These are songs sung by…. Sindoor — Accident or Custom. Sindoor — Accident or Custom Sindoor is a symbol of fertility in India. Sindoor is a hindi translation of Vermilion. On an Internet discussion board a few years ago, I announced an experiment, made no claims about my abilities, and offered detailed readings to 40 people who who emailed me their birth info. And what if you are actually psychic and oblivious to it?

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In this wheel there are three hundred and sixty "spokes" are set, as it were, both movable and immovable. However, ancient Indian authorities expressly confirm Greek impact on Indian astrology. I would tell them that according to my understanding, astrology is just eye-wash… Then, if somebody insists, I would also go with them and enjoy their experience…just as I go for a movie. October 27, at pm. The next year, a certain Francesco Sizzi of Florence made an astrological sort of argument that those moons cannot possibly exist. It vindicates my own stand on the subject, something which I have vociferously tried to project and propagate.

Maybe you DID give accurate readings to all those people. Astrology has deeply influenced every cultural and religious tradition of the world since ancient times, and it continues to do so even today. It is a definite part of human heritage, and affirmed by their most sacred traditions.

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Like Liked by 2 people. No one denied that astrology loomed large in history and remains closely wedded to religion—for better or for worse.

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Pingback: If you appreciate the message of a nature-loving, humanistic, progressive, and scientifically skeptical approach to life, please support this blog! Under the Greenwood Tree. The arguments against astrology by Dean are spurious and not based on any kind of science, but rather opinion.

It is sad that he discouraged Smit from his practice.

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Astrology is meant for really, really dumb people who are really gullible and have low IQs. People who believe in astrology generally have something missing from their lives. Most people call it intelligence. I have found that is not all bunkum though most of it, at least as presented by most of the currently active well-known astrologers, is.

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Astrology has been so undeniably disproved as it already was hundreds of years ago that it is hard to understand why people are still drawn to it. It staggers the mind that people actually believe in this nonsense. Always has worked. I am not vague in my readings. I am precise and accurate and my clients have affirmed my descriptions, comments and insights.

There are many things that exist that science cannot prove, but that does not mean they do not exist. Science needs to ask the right questions.

First Things First: Astrology is not Astronomy!

Scientific evidence involves being able to demonstrate the claims made under controlled conditions in a statistically significant way with a high degree of confidence. Astrology has failed at every attempt at this. Science is a method of understanding reality that is based observations to verify or discount hypotheses. Astrology uses false hypotheses that have historically failed at every attempt at verification.

Michael Shermer debunked by Astrologer Jeffrey Armstrong on his own show

Science forgets that all of its measuring sticks are self created. Science has not managed to figure out how to measure things that do not fit its current limitations. When you get into sub-atomic or quantum physics, the very act of observing alters the observation. My claim is that astrology exists and it works. As the centuries rolled on, Science got more aware and understanding.

But you seem to forget that astrology is as well. For example, dividing the ecliptic circle into twelve and putting people into each of these groups is entirely arbitrary; astrologers could just as easily have divided it into two or twenty groups. The discussion regarding astrology predicting cyclones and earthquakes is just plain nonsense.

First of all, cyclones are cyclical events that occur annually. Fiji experiences severe cyclones every year in a highly predictable way and, historically, many of them have caused widespread destruction. So observing a major cyclone in Fiji hardly demonstrates that astrology has demonstrated anything other than the obvious. New Zealand is comprised of several volcanic islands with a high degree of seismic activity. Earthquakes occur frequently on the north island and a magnitude 5 earthquake is not uncommon.

Claiming that astrology predicted the earthquake would be like claiming that astrology predicted that there would be rain in London sometime this week. Astrology is not a science. It is the antithesis of science. You must be a very skilled scientist. Where did you study astronomy, solar physics, tidal dynamics, electromagnetism, volcanism and meteorology? You used all these things to predict cyclones and earthquakes? If this is true, you are a very special person indeed. My apologies for challenging you.

My hat goes off to you sir. Science is science. Scientists are the most open minded people on earth. They have to be because most of science is counter-intuitive and often without precedent. The most interesting discoveries in science were fraught with notions that were virtually unbelievable at first — concepts like universal gravitation, relativity, quantum physics, quantum field theory, evolution.

But they had one thing in common. They passed the test of scientific scrutiny.

History is full of them. This is just complete nonsense. This is really nutty. Would you subject yourself to a couple of very simple introductory college physics problems? These should be very simple for you as you seem to have a remarkable ability in this area.

Will you show me your diploma from a reputable university where you learned science so that you can demonstrate your credentials as a scientist? Provide to me the calculations that you undertook to predict, with pinpoint accuracy, the timing and severity of world events like the earthquake in New Zealand and cyclone in Fiji.

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Me and my colleagues offer to do the equivalent of a peer review of your calculations at no cost to you. So you claim your method is scientific and that you use scientific methods like astronomy, solar physics, tidal dynamics, electromagnetism, volcanism and meteorology in your predictions but you you are unable to answer even a simple question testing even an elementary knowledge in one of these areas.

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You claim to have expertise in these areas and apply them in a way that appear to surpass the abilities of any modern scientist in making predictions about weather and seismic events, yet you admit that you have not studied the underlying science. You can call me a bully if you want, but when someone makes outlandish and unsupportable claims, I will challenge them.

There have been hundreds of tests of the validity of astrology and there is not one single case where it has proven to be able to predict anything with a degree of accuracy that exceeds random chance.