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So,this time you want to know How to use astrology to recover stolen items? That's pretty interesting question.

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We can find lost and stolen items through astrology. You can find your stolen objects through prabhas jyotish. Nakshatra Astrology,numerology etc. We will clear these top three methods to find a stolen object.


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In Prabhas Jyotish,an astrologer cast a Prashan Chart on the base of the details given by the querent at that time and should consider this list to recover stolen item. Astrology Remedy to find Stolen Goods Astrological predictions and remedies based upon the positioning of Nakshatras or constellations is a part of Vedic Indian Astrology, this branch is known as Nakshatra Astrology.

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Given below is a Hindu astrology remedy for finding and recovering stolen property from a thief during the period of the Bharani Nakshatra [The Constellation- 35 Arietis]. If some of your property has been stolen and you are unable to find and recoverthe stolen goods , then this Totka can be practiced. It has to be practiced within 4 days from the time when the goods were actually stolen.

This Paan has to be kept in the place where the theft has taken place.

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AstroVed is happy to announce that we are now launching our new and improved virtual Betel Leaf Astrology reading service, an ancient and profound method. Royal Astrology or Tambula Prasna is one of the most effective prediction technologies in Vedic Astrology. A bunch of betel leaves is used for this predictive.

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